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EarthFair Exhibitor Information

This page contains information for EarthFair exhibitors who have already registered and have been notified that their setup information is ready.

To locate and setup your exhibit space at EarthFair, you will need:

  1. The Area and Site Number of your exhibit space.
  2. The EarthFair Exhibitor Map, that shows where your exhibit area is in Balboa Park.
  3. The Area Map for your specific exhibit area, that will show where your exhibit space is located in your exhibit area.
  4. The Area Setup Instructions for your exhibit area, explaining how to get to the area, unload, and park.
  5. The Exhibitor Instructions, that includes information about EarthFair operations during the day.

Note: the maps and documents below are PDF files, and have been tested. If you can't open or view one, please make sure that you are using a recent version of Adobe Reader or equivalent. Click here to download the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader.

1. Area and Site Number

You will retrieve your Area and Site Number from the Registration System – the same system you used to fill out your registration form.

You will be notified by email when this information is ready.

To retrieve your Area and Site Number:

  • Login to the registration system (a link to the system is provided below)
  • Scroll down to the section of the page labeled "Retrieve Event Logistics"
  • Select the "Get Info" button for your particular exhibit type:
    • Regular exhibitors select "EarthFair Exhibitor Setup Information"
    • eARTh Gallery exhibitors select "eARTh Gallery Setup Information"
    • Food Vendors select "Food Vendor Setup Information"

Note: if you don't see the "Get Info" button, or the section says "-- No Event Logistics available--", your exhibit location has not yet been assigned, or you have not paid.

You will also be given the name of your volunteer Area Manager(s), and the configuration of your exhibit space (tables, chairs, etc.). We recommend that you print out or copy this information and take it with you to EarthFair.

If your exhibit space description is not what you expected, contact EarthWorks immediately at 858-272-7370.

You can click this link to access the Registration System.

2. EarthFair Exhibitor Map

Click this link to download the exhibitor map. Find your exhibit area on the map. The Exhibitor Instructions (see below) will give you setup, driving and parking information for your exhibit area.

3. Area Maps and Setup Instructions

Click a link in the table below to download the map for your specific area. We recommend you print this map and take it with you to EarthFair.

Exhibit Areas Area Maps Setup Instructions
Area 1 – El Prado West Area 1 Map Area 1 Setup
Area 2 – El Prado East Area 2 Map Area 2 Setup
Area 3 – Children's Area Area 3 Map Area 3 Setup
Area 4 – The Mall Area 4 Map Area 4 Setup
Area 6 – U.N. Building Area 6 Map Area 6 Setup
Area 7 – Pan American Plaza Area 7 Map Area 7 Setup
Area 8 – Federal Building Area 8 Map Area 8 Setup
Area 9 – Presidents Field Area 9 Map Area 9 Setup
Area 10 – Plaza de Panama Area 10 Map Area 10 Setup
eARTh Gallery eARTH Gallery Map eARTh Gallery Setup
Reuse & Repair Area R Map Repair & Reuse Setup
Canna Village Area 8 Map Area 8 Setup
Climate Change Alliance Area 3 Map Area 3 Setup

4. Exhibitor Instructions

Click this link to download the Exhibitor Instructions. Please read these instructions carefully; they contain important information about operations during the day, and breakdown/cleanup.

Click here to go to the original Exhibitor On-line
Registration Information Page




 email: info17earthdayweb.org     Phone: (858) 272-7370
PO Box 9827 • San Diego, CA 92169