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Many of our volunteers come back year after year. Here are some of our "old timers."

Carolyn Chase, shown here with a security guard, is our "Earth Mother." She coordinated the San Diego Earth Day Coalition in 1990 that resulted in the first EarthFair and got this whole thing off the ground. She is currently a Board Member and Executive Director of EarthWorks, as well as the editor of the San Diego Earth Times.

Chris Klein, right, shown here with volunteer Keith, was the chief designer of the EarthFair in 1990, creating the physical layout, volunteer training and management structure, and logistic plan. He still serves as Production Manager. Chris is publisher of the San Diego Earth Times and a website designer.


J, in the middle, has taken on a number of jobs over the years, and is currently a senor manager at EarthFair.When not helping at EarthFair, J is a software engineer.

For four years, Kim was responsible for Transportation -- probably the most demanding job at the EarthFair. Kim works as an engineer for the City of San Diego.

Steve, shown here with his daughter and granddaughter, was for many years a superb Communications Coordinator. Steve is a financial analyst with the US Postal Service

Mark Tighe, left, has served as Chris' key assistant and manager every year. Mark is a master carpenter.

John and Julaine were two long-time players. John managed the Food Area for most of his 9 years, probably the toughest area to manage. Julaine is a past SDEW Board Member, and helped pioneer our Community Restoration and Renewal Project. John is a software engineer and Julaine a full-time parent.




And then there's Keith. He's been with SDEW since Day 1. We're not exactly sure what he does at the Fair, but he seems to be indispensable. Keith is a software engineer and educator.

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