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Exhibiting at EarthFair


EarthFair 2018 Registration
will open in January, 2018

Present your message, cause, product or service
to 50,000-60,000 interested San Diego residents

Is the EarthFair right for your group or organization? To be an exhibitor, you must have a message, cause, product or service that addresses the environment or our quality of life. The intent of the event is education: a visitor who visits your exhibit should come away knowing something that will inform their future actions, and further their commitment to a clean, healthy environment.

    The following answers some basic questions that may help you decide whether being an exhibitor at EarthFair is right for you.

Where Does EarthFair Take Place?

    EarthFair takes place in Balboa Park, and occupies almost the entire central mesa area (click here to see a sample map); there are only minor variations in layout from year to year. All of the exhibit areas are outside, adjacent to the historical Park buildings. Some exhibit spaces are on grass, others on asphalt parking lots or paved sidewalks.

Who Attends EarthFair?

    The Balboa Park staff and San Diego Police estimate that between 50,000 and 60,000 individuals attend EarthFair in an average year. At EarthFair, you’ll see a broad cross-section of the county’s residents. The following is a demographic breakdown of 1207 randomly selected EarthFair attendees in 2015:

Age Range
less than 13
County of San Diego
89.2 %
Outside SD County
10.8 %
California outside SD
3.6 %
55-70 11% USA outside California 4.7 %
70+ 1% Outside the USA 2.4 %

    In 2015, 23% of the attendees were attending EarthFair for the first time; 77% had been to prior events. A total of 38% had attended three or more prior EarthFairs. Homeowners represented 43% of the total attending, with the other 57% renting.

Who Can Participate?

All EarthFair exhibitors must have a cause, product or service that addresses our environment and quality of life.

    The goal is that an EarthFair visitor who visits an exhibitor at the fair will learn some way that they can take action to create a clean, healthy, prosperous future. In cases where environmental issues are not the primary focus of an exhibitor's organization, the aspects of their organization that DO address the environment must be forefront in their presentation.

    EarthFair exhibiting is open to all types of organizations: non-profit, for-profit, government departments and agencies, individuals, clubs, schools, churches, etc.

    San Diego EarthWorks reserves the right to decline any exhibitor application for any reason whatsoever.

What does it Cost to Exhibit?

    EarthFair exhibitor fees are graduated, to allow all types and sizes of organizations to participate – and still allow us to pay our bills. The cost of an exhibit space at EarthFair depends on the type and size of your organization, and the type of exhibit setup you want EarthWorks to provide (table, booth, etc.). Costs range from $175 – for a 10' x 10' space for a small non-profit – to more than $3,000 – for a 10' x 20' double-booth for a very large corporation.

Click here for 2017 exhibit configuration and pricing.

Can I Sell at EarthFair?

    The EarthFair is NOT a flea market or street fair; sales are controlled. All items to be sold must be pre-approved by San Diego EarthWorks. Organizations may sell only environmentally-relevant goods and services (e.g., products that have significant recycled content, or promote energy or water efficiency and conservation).

    Non-profit groups are free to sell for their own fund-raising purposes. For-profit organizations must donate ten-percent of their gross margin to San Diego EarthWorks, where the gross margin is defined as their total sales minus the exhibitor fees paid to EarthWorks.

    All organizations that sell must file a sales report within 2 weeks of EarthFair. For-profit organizations must submit their sales fee, if any, at that time. 

If I Decide to Exhibit, How Will the Day Go?

    EarthFair exhibitor setup takes place from 8am - 9am. The fair formally starts at 10am. All exhibitors must remain from setup through the end of the fair at 5pm (there is no vehicular traffic through the park during the fair).

    The fair ends promptly at 5pm, and breakdown and cleanup begins. Based on how quickly the crowds depart (and the police let cars into the park), you should be able to leave by about 6pm.

Will EarthFair Work for Me?

    That largely depends on you. If you have an interesting display, a clear message, and active, engaging staff at your exhibit space, you may hardly have time to catch a bite to eat or take a bathroom break.

    What EarthWorks is able to deliver is a well-organized venue, and typically between 50,000 - 60,000 attendees (a low of 40,000 – the year it rained – and recently a high of 75,000 – which completely filled the park all day).

     One can get some measure of exhibitor success from our repeat exhibitor statistics. At EarthFair 2015, 56% of the exhibitors returned from the prior year. Fifty-nine exhibitors have attended every year since 2009.

Click here for more information and to register

Questions? Send email to ef17exh@earthdayweb.org 
or call the office at 858-272-7370


 email: info17earthdayweb.org     Phone: (858) 272-7370
PO Box 9827 • San Diego, CA 92169