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EarthFair Volunteering

If you want to assist at EarthFair but can't make a training meeting...

    We can only pre-assign you a job at EarthFair if you are able to attend a Training Meeting. However, during the event we often need additional help from time to time, especially at the start and end of the day.

    If you plan to be at EarthFair, please check in at the Communications Room (or at an Information Booth) and ask if volunteers are needed. If we do need help, we will give you an assignment on-the-spot. The Communications Room is in:

The Balboa Park Club, Santa Fe Room
Pan-American Plaza, Balboa Park
(Between the Puppet Theater and the Auto Museum)

Click here to view a map of the park


 email: info18earthdayweb.org     Phone: (858) 272-7370
PO Box 9827 • San Diego, CA 92169