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EarthFair Volunteer Guidelines

EarthFair 2018 Volunteer Guidelines

Sunday, April 22, 2018 – Balboa Park – 10 am - 5 pm

1. Well-Being

When working at a large event, it is easy to get caught up in the proceedings. Please be responsible for your own well-being:

  1. The weather is likely to be cool in the morning, warm to hot during the day, and cool to cold in the late afternoon. Be prepared: bring a sweater or jacket; if you will be working in the open, bring a hat and/or sunscreen. If you will be lifting or carrying materials, you may want to bring work gloves, and wear sturdy shoes.
  2. Drink extra water during the day and be sure to eat.
  3. The Volunteer Break Room and Communication Center is in the Balboa Park Club. We will keep it stocked with bottled water. This is a good place to sit down and cool off
  4. If you are not feeling well, be sure to tell your supervisor. If you injure yourself, please go to one of the two First Aid stations: El Prado East (Area 2), and in front of the Hall of Champions (between Areas 7 and 8).

2. Communication

All event supervisors and selected staff will have 2-way radios. In addition, each Information Booth/San Diego EarthWorks Booth will have a 2-way radio. Each stage area will have a 2-way radio.

The Communication Center is in the Santa Fe Room of the Balboa Park Club. This room will be continuously staffed, will have 2-way radios to communicate with other event staff and the security personnel. If you encounter a condition that you do not know how to handle, talk to an event supervisor or the staff in the Communication Center.

3. Security

Based on the previous 14 years, we expect a happy, peaceful crowd. However, whenever this many people get together there is always the possibility of trouble.

There will be police and about 20 security guards in the Park during the event. If you should observe a condition that requires intervention (e.g., someone tampering with a car, a fight, etc.) do not put yourself in jeopardy: tell your supervisor or the security guard in the area. If you cannot find a supervisor or guard, go to an Information Booth and ask the booth supervisor to communicate the situation to the Communication Center.

There will be EMTs on bicycles who can quickly get to any location in the Park to handle medical emergencies.

Please escort lost children (or parents) to the nearest Information Booth.

4. Being on Time

The success of EarthFair depends on us all. Please be clear about where you to check in for your assisting agreement, who you will be working for, and please be on time (or early!). If you have an emergency and cannot show up on time, please call: (858) 272-7370 (EarthWorks office) before the event. Please do not have an emergency.

5. Transportation to the Park

Parking is available in the Organ Pavilion lot, the lot behind the Federal Bldg./Hall of Champions, and in the Inspiration Point parking lot east of Park Blvd. There is also parking available at City College (on 16th street south of Russ Blvd), about a 5-minute walk from the Park.

If you plan to arrive after about 10:00 AM, there will be little or no parking close to Balboa Park. Please use alternative transportation for Earth Day:

  1. Ride a bicycle – free guarded bicycle parking will be provided in front of the Museum of Man on the west side of the Park and off Park Blvd. on the east side.
  2. Ride public transportation.
  3. If you have friends that you will be volunteering with, please carpool.

6. Being with Visitors

Treat visitors to the EarthFair as if they were guests in your home. If you see someone who needs help, assist them, or direct them to an Information Booth. Be gracious. Remember, we are the hosts.

7. Keeping it Clean

This is something for everyone: HELP KEEP THE PARK SPOTLESS. Our commitment is to leave the Park cleaner than we found it. No matter what your job at EarthFair -- whether you are still assisting or not -- please do more than your share to keep the Park the way we would like to see the earth.

Be ready to have a great day! See you on Sunday!



 email: info18earthdayweb.org     Phone: (858) 272-7370
PO Box 9827 • San Diego, CA 92169