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The VIP reception is a celebration where business, government and community members are invited to enjoy a "green" buffet dinner, participate in a Silent Auction, and attend an environmental awards ceremony. The awards to be presented include:

  • Department of Environmental Services Science Fair Awards
  • San Diego EarthWorks’ “E.A.R.T.H.” (Environmental And Restoration That Helps) Awards
  • EarthFair Volunteer Team LeaderAwards, honoring volunteers who have served as EarthFair managers for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 (!) years.

    In addition to the awards and festivities, this event is a major fund-raiser for San Diego EarthWorks, and helps support our EarthFair in Balboa Park and other projects.

    The VIP Reception takes place at the Environmental Services office building in Kearny Mesa: 9601 Ridgehaven Court; click here for a map.

Volunteer Teams

    There are 6 different volunteer teams at the VIP Reception. The jobs are described in detail, below.

Important Note: There is no formal volunteer training for the Reception. Instead, we have placed links to jobs descriptions, and an overview of the event timeline below. After you sign up for the volunteer job you want, it is important that you read and understand the descriptions so you will be ready-to-go at the event.

If you need additional information or are unclear after reading this material, please call Chris Klein, VIP Reception Manager, at 858-272-7370, or send email to: info@earthdayweb.org.

Note: if you have a job that ends before the Reception is over, you are welcome to stay for the rest of the event.

Event Logistics Team
Description: Setup and general management of the event. See Volunteer Jobs and the Event Timeline, below.
Shifts: 2pm - 6pm
5pm - 10pm
Requirements: Minimum age 18.
Able to do physical tasks (e.g, setting up and moving tables).
Must be flexible with respect to assigned jobs.

Greeter and Nametag Table Team
Description: Click here for a brief description of the job.
Shifts: 5pm - 9pm
Requirements: Enjoy interacting with the public.
Must read and understand the VIP Registration Process prior to the event.

Nametag/Data Entry Team
Description: Click here for a brief description of the job.
Shifts: Shifts full 5pm - 9pm
Requirements: Must be able to print nametags quickly and very neatly with a marker pen.
Must read and understand the VIP Registration Process prior to the event.
Must be careful with paperwork to keep track of registrations.

Silent Auction Team
Description: Click here for a description of the job.
Shifts: Shifts full 2pm - 6pm
5pm - 10pm
Requirements: Enjoy interacting with the public.
Must read and understand the job description prior to the event.
Experience with Silent Auctions is a plus.

Food Preparation and Service Team
Description: Click here for a description of the job.
Shifts: 4pm - 8pm
5:30pm - 9pm
Requirements: Minimum age 18.
Able to do physical tasks (e.g, moving heavy serving dishes to the buffet).

Cashier Team
Shifts: 5pm - 10pm
Requirements: Minimum age 18.
Cashiering experience.
Able to handle cash and credit card transactions quickly and accurately.
Must read and understand the VIP Registration Process prior to the event

Put Me Where I Am Most Needed
Shifts: 5pm - 10pm
Requirements: We will assign you a job where you are most needed, and let you know ahead of time so you can read the appropriate instructions and be ready for the event.

Volunteer Jobs and the Event Timeline

    In order to understand these volunteer jobs, you need to have an overview of the event timeline and activities. Please study the following.

2pm - 6pm

    During setup, from about 2pm to 6pm, we prepare the open spaces, meeting room and kitchen areas for the event. Click here for a diagram of the VIP Reception setup.

    Beginning at 2pm, the Logistics Team places the tables, food service items, event signage, sound system, and other particles in their proper locations. The Silent Auction Team arranges the silent auction items and bid sheets. The Food Team begins putting the buffet together.

6pm - 8pm

    Event participants are scheduled to arrive after 6pm; most arrive between 6pm and 7pm. The event does not have formal tickets. Instead, participants have a nametag that is their "ticket" to the event.

    The Greeter and Nametag Table Team makes sure that arriving guests go to the right place to get their nametag.

    Most participants will have already registered; the Greeters will direct them to the nametag tables, where they will pick up their nametags and enter the reception.

    However, some participants will need to register and pay; the Greeter team will direct them to fill out a registration card and go to the cashier. Still others will have paid, but still need to have their nametag prepared; the Greeter team will direct them to the Registration Table.

  The Cashier Team and Nametag/Data Entry Team will greet arriving guests that need to purchase tickets, and make sure they get a nametag to enter the reception.

Buffet and Silent Auction
6pm - 8pm

    The buffet and silent action takes place from 6pm to 8pm. At 8pm the auction ends, and participants enter the auditorium for the awards presentation.

    The Food Team is responsible for the buffet. Food for the buffet is mostly donated by local restaurants and stores. As such, there is little preparation required beyond placing the food items in serving dishes. The team will keep the buffet stocked with food, and do whatever maintenance is required to provide a clean, attractive presentation.

    The Silent Auction Team is responsible managing the silent auction. This generally consists of checking to be sure the items and bid sheets are arranged, answering questions from the bidders, and letting the bidders know when the auction is about to close (people have been known to hover over the bid sheet of an item they really want, and one-on-one bidding wars are not unknown).

    During this phase, the Event Logistics Team will help with whatever is required to keep the event running smoothly. This may include running errands, helping with recycling to keep the room clear (all food service items are compostable or recyclable), filling in to help with the auction or food service, cashiering... whatever is required. Members of this team will be directed by the event managers; flexibility is the key.

Auction Logistics and Cleanup
8pm - 9pm (approx.)

    After the silent auction closes and the participants enter the room for the awards presentation, there is a lot of work to do.

    The Silent Auction Team must gather the auction items for each winning bidder, and prepare a receipt indicating how much is due. This requires a lot of sorting and paperwork so that, when the awards program ends, the winning bidders can pay for and receive their items quickly.

    At the same time the Food Team will package up any remaining food, cleanup the kitchen area, and clean up the food service items for pickup in the morning.

    The Event Logistics Team will begin breaking down and stacking the tables and tablecloths, and in general cleaning up the space. They will also help the other teams as needed.

Auction Completion
9pm - 9:45pm (approx.)

    After the awards presentation is complete, exiting guests will check a white board to see if they won any silent auction items. Those that did will be able to pay for and pick up their items. The Cashier Team and Silent Auction Team ensures that this operation goes smoothly. The Event Logistics Team will assist with this, as required.

Final Cleanup
9:45pm - 10pm

    Once the silent auction is complete, all remaining team members will help pack up and cleanup the facility.

Registering to Volunteer

Please read this carefully!

All VIP Reception volunteer registrations will be managed with our on-line registration system. Each volunteer will have an account on the system. You can access your account to:

  • Fill out your volunteer registration form
  • Make changes to your registration if needed
  • Review your past volunteer assignments.

To access the system, you will need an account, with a login name and password.

If you have volunteered with San Diego EarthWorks before, you already have an account on our system - please use that one!

If you need your login name and password, you can have the system send it to you by entering your email address on the login page.

Alternatively, email us at vip17vol@earthdayweb.org, or call 858-272-7370, to get your login name and password.

If you have not volunteered with EarthWorks before, simply create a new account.

Email Confirmations. Email is now our preferred way of communicating with you. It is important to us that you receive notices from us in a timely fashion, but email can be unreliable. So:

  • Our email messages to you will generally contain a confirmation link. Please click the link when you receive the message. (If we don't receive your confirmation, we will have to call you or send you postal mail, which defeats the purpose of our "paperless" system.)
  • If you don't use email regularly, be sure to indicate that on your registration form.
  • If you change your email address (or mailing address, or phone number, etc.) use the "Edit Contact" link on the home page of the registration system to update our records.
  • If you have an email spam filter, be sure it allows messages from earthdayweb.org. In particular if you use hotmail or yahoo for your email, be sure to add the domain EarthDayWeb.org to your whitelist.

Thanks! Click here to go the Registration System.


 email: info18earthdayweb.org     Phone: (858) 272-7370
PO Box 9827 • San Diego, CA 92169