EarthFair Exhibitor Rules and Guidelines

EarthFair exhibitors are required to agree to and abide by the following rules and guidelines

EarthWorks reserves the right to require a cash performance bond, prior to registration in future EarthFairs, from exhibitors who fail to observe these guidelines.

Balboa Park Special Event Rules and Regulations

     The following guidelines are in accordance with the Balboa Park Special Event Rules and Regulations.

  • Balboa Park (like all city beaches and parks) is a non-smoking environment.
  • EarthWorks reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in EarthFair.
  • Commercial companies may only sell goods or services that are pre-approved by San Diego EarthWorks, and by paying the specified fees. You are welcome to promote your product or service by giving out samples, distributing coupons, collecting mailing lists, etc.
  • Flyers, pamphlets or handouts are not to be left on car windshields or passed out in the park. Literature may be left on tables in your area to be picked up voluntarily by interested citizens. (Municipal Code 63.02.1)
  • Participants may not attach any materials (e.g. ropes, tape, wire, stickers) to any permanent Park buildings, trees, fences, light standards, etc.
  • Hot air, helium, blow up or inflatable balloons are not permitted in Balboa Park. (Municipal Code 63.02.14)
  • Helium balloon arches are prohibited. No metallic balloons are permitted at any time.
  • Any type of "Astro Jump" is not permitted. (Municipal codes 95.0135 and 142.1206)
  • Electronic amplification for music or voice projection is not allowed. If this is a critical part of your exhibit, please contact EarthWorks right away.
  • City ordinances prohibit glass beverage containers in City parks. (Municipal Code 63.02.8a)
  • Petting zoos, pony rides or any other animal-related activities are not allowed without specific approval of Park & Recreation staff and San Diego EarthWorks.
  • All motor vehicles are restricted to the roadways and designated parking lots. Vehicles are not permitted in exhibit areas or lawns at any time. Vehicles in exhibit areas are subject to impoundment by the Fire Marshall. If you have a vehicle that is an integral part of your display and must be present, please contact our office at (858) 272-7423 so that special arrangements can be made with the Fire Marshall.

     San Diego EarthWorks reserves the right to expel an exhibitor for violation of these guidelines.

EarthFair Guidelines

     Please read the following guidelines carefully. These guidelines must be observed by all exhibitors. Your exhibit application will not be processed unless you agree to these guidelines.

The EarthFair brings together the community, environmental businesses and organizations, and governmental leaders who are interested in preservation and restoration of our environment. The event provides community organizations and businesses who choose to be exhibitors with an opportunity to interact directly with the attendees from the local community. San Diego EarthWorks anticipates that tens of thousands of members of the community, including families with small children will attend EarthFair.

Offensive Materials. Any exhibitor displaying harmful or offensive materials, including but not limited to photographs or pictures, or similar depictions of, displaying bloodshed or slaughter, or of body parts or pieces, which San Diego EarthWorks, at its sole discretion, deems inappropriate and inconsistent with the positive educational atmosphere of the EarthFair, will be asked to remove the materials from their exhibit for the duration of the EarthFair. The failure or refusal of any exhibitor to remove materials as requested by San Diego EarthWorks will result in immediate removal and ejection of that organization’s exhibit from the EarthFair without refund of the application fee.

Rain or Shine. EarthFair is a rain-or-shine event. While the weather is generally good, it can be hot or cold, and rain has occurred. Please be responsible for managing your exhibit appropriately. No fees will be refunded for inclement weather.

Courteous Behavior. Exhibitors at the EarthFair are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous manner with members of the public and other exhibitors. For the safety of both the public attendees and participating exhibitors, San Diego EarthWorks reserves the right to immediately remove and eject the exhibit of any organization for the duration of the EarthFair whose exhibitors engage public attendees or other exhibitors in an antagonistic, argumentative, belligerent, or contentious fashion or otherwise cause a disturbance that San Diego EarthWorks, in its sole discretion, deems detrimental to the public or other exhibitors.

Keep Within Exhibit Footprint. Unless otherwise and explicitly noted, each EarthFair exhibitor is assigned an exhibit site of a specific size and location. Exhibitors agree to keep all of their materials and activities within this footprint.

Don't Interfere with Neighboring Exhibitors. Exhibitors agree to manage their operations in such a way as to not interfere with the free and unrestrained access of neighboring exhibitors. In particular, exhibitors must not engage in activities that draw a crowd or long line (e.g., prize wheels) that impede access to neighboring exhibitors. Exhibitors who anticipate drawing a crowd or a long line must inform EarthWorks during registration, so that we may place their exhibit where this situation can be managed.

No Free Stickers. Exhibitors agree to not distribute stickers for free. They may be sold or given away for a donation. (Our experience is that free stickers end up on Balboa Park buildings and fixtures.)

Sales Report Required. All exhibitors who conduct sales at EarthFair (i.e., said they would be selling on their application) must file a sales report by May 9, 2018, whether or not sales were actually completed. For-profit organizations selling goods or services at EarthFair must donate ten-percent of their gross margin to San Diego EarthWorks by that date, where the gross margin is defined as their total sales at EarthFair minus the amount they paid to EarthWorks to be at EarthFair. Any exhibitor failing to file their sales report, or for-profit organizations that fail to pay the required ten-percent of gross sales, by May 9, will be subject to a $25 late filing fee. This and any other fees due must be paid prior to registration in subsequent EarthFairs.

"I have also read the EarthFair Participant Guidelines and agree to abide by the stated rules.

"I agree to the above conditions, and I certify that I am legally entitled to enter into contracts that bind the organization named on the front of this application."

Zero Waste and Recycling

Earth Works maintains a zero waste policy, and enforces the City mandatory recycling ordinance at this event. We are committed to doing our part for a clean, healthy and prosperous future for all living things. The City of San Diego requires that all events have recycling containers. We will have a Zero Waste Discard Depot in every area at the Fair - and then some. There will be a green bins for food scraps and compostable organics, blue bins for all containers and paper, and black bins for non-recyclable waste materials that will be sent to the landfill.

EarthFair exhibitors must not plan to use the black bins for waste items from their activities at EarthFair. All materials brought to EarthFair by exhibitors must either be: (1) distributed to EarthFair visitors; (2) recycled in a blue (recycle) or green (compost) bin; or (3) taken back when the exhibitor leaves the fair.

Please break down (flatten) all cardboard boxes and place them in the nearest appropriate blue recycling receptacles provided for public use throughout the park. Or, if they are larger than the bin can hold, please call an EarthFair representative to get a pickup in your area.

All items that can be recycled must be placed in the blue recycling bins, including: all rigid plastic and containers aluminum cans, steel cans, and all unsoiled newspapers and paper. All materials the can be composted will be put in the green bins. We will have food composting bins available for all food scraps and soiled paper napkins.

Once again - to be clear - if you bring non-recyclable materials and have them left over at the end of the day, you must take them away with you when you leave.

You must clean up your exhibit area: do not leave waste in your exhibit space.

City ordinances prohibit glass beverage containers in City Parks, (municipal Code 63.02.8a). Please do not distribute polystyrene (styrofoam) containers! If you need alternative products that are environmentally safe, please contact our office at (858) 272-7370.

Thank you in advance for helping us make EarthFair a Zero Waste event.



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